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Anonymous 12/08/20
Recommend: Yes

Anonymous 11/07/20
Recommend: Yes

Anonymous 10/03/20
Recommend: Yes

Anonymous 09/24/20
Recommend: Yes

clayton miller 06/08/20
Recommend: Yes
Facilty is secure and well lit. Staff are helpful and understanding.

Richard Tate 05/20/19
Recommend: Yes
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ginia crane 04/22/19
Recommend: Yes
Excellent!! Place is clean and reliable.
I love that they are not raising the rent on me every 6 months like i had in the past!! I love this company

Leslie Freda 09/24/18
Recommend: Yes
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Steven C. 03/04/17
Recommend: Yes
I agree with Arizona Camper. Do NOT use this company!! I have stored my boat here off and on for a couple of years and there was s much vandalism I lost my mind...scratches to boat, a slit tire, a stolen battery. The front office staff is horrible, but the main office is worse...rude, arrogant and not at all caring of their clients. Save yourself money and aggravation. Try one of the MANY other storage facilities.

Arizona Camper 02/25/17
Recommend: No
Do NOT store your car, rv or boat here!!!
Was a good customer for 5 years. During that time this is what happened to my camper: slit tire, two stolen batteries, stolen propane tank, next door neighbor trailer damaged my camper when parked PERPENDICULAR in their spot, forced removal of all door molding, stolen wheel chocks. All of these were separate events. When I finally asked for some reimbursement and/or a spot change, they dropped me as a customer. Please save yourself lots of aggravation and DO NOT USE THIS FACILITY !!!!